How do I add links?

You can add links either via signing in to your account and entering them manually - or - you can install our Chrome extension and add them on the go.

Do you have a Chrome extension?

Yes! You can download it via here.

Is it free?

For now, yes! In the future there may be a small monthly fee. Currently, we just want to discover what users of the app would like to see!

What data do you store?

Other than your email and password, we store just the links you add. We only store the links until you decide to manually delete them or if auto-curation deletes them.

Do you opt me in to any emails?

Never! You will only receive a welcome email and then it is down to you if you would like to opt in for marketing or weekly summary emails via your settings.

Can anybody else read my links?

Nope! Unless you decide to share the link with them.

Can I give feedback somewhere?

Yes! When you are signed in, you can leave feedback via the floating feedback button found at the bottom right of your reading list or settings page.

Who built this?

Me ~ Erd! I design and build everything you see on keepthat.link, basically a one person team. 😅

Can I delete my account?

Absolutely! When you delete your account, we completely erase your user and links from our database. It's permanent, but don't worry, we give you a prompt before to double check if you'd like to permanently delete your data.

How do you parse links?

We use the fantastic API's provided by lateral.io and microlink. We use lateral primarily for the article body and microlink for article meta data.

Is the site accessible?

For the most part, yes! As this is an minimum viable build, there are bound to be a few bugs here and there. If you notice any please report them and we will do our best to fix it as soon as possible.

Do you use cookies? 🍪

Yes. We primarily use them for your login session, once you logout we clear both cookies and local storage.

Can I change my username or email?

Yes. You can do this by heading to your settings when signed in.

Do you parse rich media?

Currently no. Lateral.io doesn't provide us with a HTML response, so we do not. So likely some articles may not quite parse as nicely as you'd like for now, but we're working on it!